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44/26 Rubber Oval Hatch Cover

Kajak-Sport original hatch cover series is made of real rubber. 100 % watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding “expedition” use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential.


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Product information

The cover is equipped with both inside and outside leash holders. Its material is extremely durable and long-lived. It is also fully UV-protected.

Technical specification


715 g


478 mm


300 mm


30 mm

Where it’s used

Lettmann Archipel HV Touring plus; Atlantik 2 Touring plus; Biskaya; Eski 530 Touring plus; Explorer K1 Expedition; Magellan Touring plus; Maxi Touring plus; River Tour Touring Kayak; Sea Tour HD-PE Touring; Skagerrak; Tasman Touring plus; Trailer touring plus; Zegul Arrow Empower; Arrow Nuka GT; Arrow Nuka LV PE; Arrow Play HV; Arrow Play LV; Arrow Play LV PE; Arrow Play MV; Arrow Play MV PE; B-500; B-513; B-541; Dufa; Greenland GT; Greenland T; Searocket; Tempo LC; Torpedo; Velocity; Tahe Marine Bayspirit; Fit 111 PE; FIT 132 SOT PE Deluxe Angler; FIT 147 PE; Fit 158 PE; Lifestyle 420 PE; Lifestyle Duo PE; Ocean Spirit PE; Playspirit PE; Reval HV PE; Reval midi Performance; Reval midi Performance PE; Seaspirit PE; Tandem Maxi; Tandem Mini; Titiris 12; Skim Kayaks Beaufort; Beaufort LV; Braveheart LV; Dex; Dex MkII; Differ; Differ MkII; Distance; Distance MkII; Wahoo; NDK Cadence; Pulse; Romany Excel Expedition; The Quantum; Eddyline Equinox; Fathom; Fathom LV; Sitka LT; Sitka XT; Whisper CL; Tiderace Pace 17 Tour; Pace 18; Xcape; Xceed; Xplore; Kajak Sport Viviane exp;