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Inuksuk Greenland Paddle

Introducing Inuksuk, our flagship paddle, handcrafted in Finland in the West Greenland style. This solid yet lightweight full carbon core paddle boasts a stunning matte finish, blending strength with elegance.

The Inuksuk’s well-balanced construction features a buoyant blade and an oval loom, offering a light and effortless feel. Its smooth, thin edges ensure a quiet catch and confident stroke every time.

Equipped with Kajak Sport’s unique oval shaft ferrule, the Inuksuk allows for easy splitting and length adjustment, making it the ultimate paddle for any adventure. Experience the perfect fusion of tradition, innovation, and performance with Inuksuk.


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Product information

Experience the rich history and unique sensation of our West Greenland style paddle, designed to take you beyond traditional paddling routines. Aptly named Inuksuk, this paddle symbolizes a journey on the right path toward new adventures.

Crafted with thin yet smoothly rounded blades, the Inuksuk paddle glides into the water with precision and silence. Its excellent grip ensures a smooth experience, enhancing your paddling efficiency.

The real oval loom, featuring smooth shoulders and a matte finish, provides an exceptional grip.

Kajak Sport's innovative construction technique allows robust fibers to wrap seamlessly around every corner and edge of the blade. This meticulous design makes Inuksuk the strongest Greenland paddle on the market, offering unparalleled durability and performance.

Discover the difference with the Inuksuk West Greenland paddle – where tradition meets innovation, and every stroke leads you to new horizons.

Check out the Inuksuk rolling video by Baltic Surge on YouTube! 🌊

Technical specification


Carbon Core


800 g


215-228 cm, fully adjustable

Blade Surface

570 cm²

How it's used