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20 LRC-HT Round Hatch Cover

Kajak Sport LRC-HT series is our latest hatch development. ‘HT’ describes the hard top in the centre of the cover, like in click-on cover. But in LRC-HT the rigid centre area is just smaller which increases stretch ability of the cover to improve waterproofness and allow more variation on the accuracy of measurement of the rim.

Please ensure to verify the exact hatch cover and rim dimensions before placing an order for a replacement cover.


Free delivery to most European regions for orders over 200€

Product information

Covers are normally produced in black/black color combination.

Technical specification


255 g


220 mm


30 mm

Where it’s used

P&H Aries 150; Aries 155; Cetus 1710 HV; Cetus 176 LV; Cetus 178 MV; Delphin 155 CLX; Hammer; Scorpio MKII HV; Scorpio MKII LV; Scorpio MKII MV; Zegul Arrow Empower; Arrow Nuka GT; Arrow Play HV; Arrow Play LV; Arrow Play MV; Dufa; Kajak Sport Artisan 5G; Viviane exp; Skim Kayaks Beaufort; Beaufort LV; Braveheart; Braveheart LV; Dex; Dex MkII; Differ; Differ MkII; Distance; Wahoo; Eddyline Fathom; Fathom LV; Tiderace Pace 17 Tour; Pace Action; Vortex; Xcape; Xceed; Xcite; Xplore; Xtra; Xtreme; Tahe Marine Reval midi Performance;