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Navigator Rudder, pin 85 mm

The true specimen of our continuous product development skill. The Navigator has unique operating concept based on gravity and free movement.


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Instead of rotating the blade around the axel it slides smoothly on the deck and back to the water. Storing the blade vertically on the deck of the kayak when unemployed minimizes the wind surface and helps when the kayak is stored or transported. Redesigned foil plastic blade minimizes the drag of the rudder and improves the slide. Redesigned rockerpart has simple gravity mechanism that is more reliable than any spring loaded rudder system is. Redesigned blade and rockerpart also includes innovative locking mechanism that locks down the blade when deployed and opens automatically when lifted up. This ensures the blade will stay down in the water in high speed. Locking mechanism deactivates when rudder takes contact in shallow water or any other obstacle when going forward.

Specification: 85 mm pin is installed to a hole in the stern of the kayak, no additional sleeve required (pin diameter 10 mm).
Includes: Rudder head part, rocker part, blade, lift-up rope, revert bungee, locking knob mechanism, rope stopper and rope for it.