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15 Click-on Round Hatch Cover

The click-on cover is a light and vigorous kayak hatch cover which is made by combining two different materials together.


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Product information

The click-on cover is a light and vigorous kayak hatch cover which is made by combining two different materials together. The rigid centre part reaches to top of the hatch rim and secures that the cover can’t be pushed inside due to force of a wave. Soft edge seals and attaches properly to the hatch rim and gives good watertight contact between the cover and the rim. Stylish click-on cover is waterproof and extremely easy to use.

Technical specification

Where it’s used

Lettmann Archipel HV Touring plus; Atlantik 2 Touring plus; Aurora LV Touring plus; Biskaya; Emotion Touring plus; Eski 475 Touring plus; Eski 530 Touring plus; Hanseat; Infinity Touring plus; Magellan Touring plus; Maxi Touring plus; Meridian Touring plus; Nordstern expedition plus; Ozean 2 Touring plus; Skagerrak; Skinner; Speedliner Touring plus; Star Light GT2 Touring plus; Tasman Touring plus; Trailer touring plus; P&H Aries 150; Aries 155; Cetus 1710 HV; Cetus 176 LV; Cetus 178 MV; Delphin 150 CLX; Delphin 155 CLX; Hammer; Scorpio MKII HV; Scorpio MKII LV; Scorpio MKII MV; Zegul Arrow Empower; Arrow Nuka GT; Arrow Nuka LV PE; Arrow Play HV; Arrow Play LV; Arrow Play LV PE; Arrow Play MV; Arrow Play MV PE; Dufa; Greenland GT; Greenland T; Searocket; Torpedo; Velocity; Kajak Sport Artisan 5G; Artisan Millennium exp; Marlin Activ; Viking Exp; Viking Icon; Vivace Activ; Prijon Barracuda RS; Enduro 380; Enduro 450; Excursion Evo; Grizzly; Millenium EVO; Munga; Neptun; Piave; Poseidon; Prilite Marlin; Prilite Marlin LV; Prilite Marlin LV Laminated; Prilite Senja; Prilite Skegyak; Proteus; Seayak 500 LV; Seayak 520 HV; Seayak Classic; Skegyak; Touryak 470 LV; Touryak 500; Yukon KII Sport; Tahe Marine Bayspirit; Fit 111 PE; Ocean Spirit PE; Playspirit PE; Reval HV PE; Reval midi Performance; Reval midi Performance PE; Wind Duo; Skim Kayaks Beaufort; Beaufort LV; Braveheart; Braveheart LV; Differ MkII; Distance MkII; Wahoo; Eddyline Caribbean 12; Caribbean 14; Sitka LT; Valley Etain; Etain RM; Gemini SP; Nordkapp; Sirona; Sirona RM; Wavesport Hydra; Northshore Ocean 17 Composite; Ocean 17-6 Composite; Tiderace Pace 17 Tour; Pace 18; Pace Action; Vortex; Xcape; Xceed; Xcite; Xplore; Xtra; Xtreme;