From Kayakers to Kayakers

Kajak Sport Oy was established in 1989 by four inspirational kayakers and explorers from Finland.

We started with sea kayaks which quickly became awarded around the world. But soon we noticed that there was a very limited selection of true sea kayak components available for manufacturers back then. So we started to create components primarily for our own needs. Soon after we had created a basic component set for a sea kayak and we became one of the very first sea kayak component producer for other kayak manufacturers too. Since then these small, detailed parts have captured more and more space in our heart and interest.

With tens of thousands of lakes and long coastline, Finland is one of the Europe’s richest areas in natural waterways. Access to this fantastic water system has, and continues to provide us with a wide variety of conditions in which to develop and refine our products.

Today our components are highly regarded worldwide for their unmatched quality and performance. We have become a leading supplier to virtually every major kayak manufacturer in the world. We still strive to retain this leadership role through continuous investment in product design, research, development and by remaining innovative at all times. Own and original ideas can be seen in both the patents awarded to the company and in the highly rated reviews in many international publications.

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Historiakuva KarvinenCo

We would like to thank all our partners and customers for their fruitful co-operation in our history.

It has been the key factor for successful and reliable product selection. All of them have slightly different aspects of the use or need of a component. By combining those together we can find solutions that serve one the most.

Functional and respected components have a significant role in achieving a successful kayak. No matter if it’s a kayak for a beginner or for an experienced sea kayaker it needs to work on the environment where it’s used. So choose Kajak Sport quality, it’s beyond compare.

Founded In 1989 In Finland
Over 1000000 Hatches sold
Customers in 30+ Countries
Annually over 300 B2B customers