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In this rapidly changing world we all are continuously developing things around our lives.  Everyday life has changed a lot in past 30 years and many of the improvements has made our lives easier by allowing things that were not possible or was hard to reach back then.  This same applies to the products been used for kayaking even though the boat itself has been invented quite a long time ago.

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One of the main points in kayaking or any other outdoor activity is the simplicity and difference of the life in outdoors compared to the modern lifestyle we have used to. Travelling, cooking and accommodation are all slightly different when it’s done somewhere in a remote area out of everyday luxuries.

Product that has been designed for this kind of use has also changed. Back in old days most of kayak components was made out of metal. Those parts where generally quite clumsy and heavy. Nowadays all respected kayak manufacturers are trying to reach the best possible level and balance of functionality, weight, durability, serviceability and cost of the product, depending if the kayak is used in casual day touring, demanding expeditions or rough sea conditions.

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We at Kajak Sport Components are specialized to develop serious high end components and equipment for these continuously developing brands that builds world class boats for people that paddles all over the world in various conditions enjoying  the life at outdoors. Our design and production is made in-house in our own factory. We use modern 3D design software together with latest 3D printing system to evaluate and test our designs. We have modern fleet of injection moulding machines equipped with robots to form fully automatized production lines that match today’s sustainable development requirements. Most of our components are made of technical blended plastics to have highest stiffness, weight and durability level. This environment offers cost effective platform for specialized high quality kayak parts that withstand time and usage.

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