KS Shaft Ferrule

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KS Shaft Ferrule photo
KS Shaft Ferrule 3 photo
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KS Shaft ferrule is world leading paddle shaft adjuster made of hi-tech plastic. This universal ferrule unit is well known from the quality and operation. KS Ferrule unit is the finest shaft adjuster solution for free feather and length adjustment on the market. Ferrule works instantly both right and left handed. Ferrule unit has simple and smooth construction with very easy and reliable operation.  It is fully corrosion free and friendly to all type of waters. Together with the detailed design and high tech plastic we have succeeded in making a strong and tireless ferrule unit which will be a trouble-free and long lasting solution for your paddle.


It is strongly recommended to store the ferrule / paddle in an open position, not closed. In open position the ferrule is not under continuous stress and it will lengthen the service life multiple times.

Product CodeShaft Outer DiameterShaft Inner Diameter
21101028,0 mm25,5 mm
21101228,0 mm26,0 mm
21121028,5 mm25,5 mm
21121228,5 mm26,0 mm
211214 28,5 mm 26,5 mm
211412 29,0 mm26,0 mm
211414 29,0 mm 26,5 mm
211416 29,0 mm27,0 mm
211612 29,7 mm26,0 mm
211614 29,7 mm26,5 mm
211616 29,7 mm27,0 mm
211618 29,7 mm27,5 mm
211816 30,0 mm27,0 mm
211818 30,0 mm 27,5 mm
211820 30,0 mm28,0 mm
211900 (oval) 36,5 mm/ 28 mm34 mm / 25,5 mm

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    Weight31 g
    Lenght 55 mm