KS Shaft Adjustment tube

Kajak Sport shaft adjustment tube is a result of experienced engineering skills and advanced material knowhow.

Optimal construction together with high end carbon reinforced material has made this tube strong and precise adjustment tube for all kind of paddles. Exact and equal wall thickness, smooth edges, solid black color and bright recessed white scale together with highly rewarded Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule will make them perfect adjustment system for any kind of paddle.  New shaft adjustment tube is 25 % stronger than standard GF version and it is available in all popular sizes.

Product CodeLenght / Shaft Outer
213204240 mm / 23,9 mm (Ferrule S)
213212 240 mm / 25,9 mm (53g)
213214240 mm / 26,4 mm (54,5g)
213216240 mm / 26,9 mm (55,5g)
213218240 mm / 27,4 mm (58,0g)
213220240 mm / 27,9 mm (58,0g)

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